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LegalMania, Are you interested in learning how the law works? I am offering a course in Litigation.
Learn everything from writing motions, briefs, to filling out forms. No matter what you want to learn about caselaw, statutes, damages and even if you have a case, I can teach you. .I am an experienced Para-Legal who knows the proper paperwork forms you will need for Simple Divorce, Wills, Social Security Disability Etc. 25+ years of Professional ParaLegal Expertise in Real Estate, Wills, Non-Contested Divorce and many more areas where we can assist you in Filing the Forms you need without the High Cost of an Attorney. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Reasonable Fees.

I have actually been in front of a judge and have won cases, motions and was called as an expert witness. I won the outstanding award from West Publishing for Litigation Research. This is not a few week course. You will have to stay highly motivated. I will teach you until you understand. This is not easy. So if you are willing to learn I am willing to teach.

For Information, Plans, please go to the Contact Page or send an Email to;