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Jason "Jay" Tyler Bush, II  a.k.a. @JayBushMusic has been a Professional Multi-Instrumentalist  and Laserist for over Four Decades, from his meager beginnings at the age of 16 performing in South Beach Night Club Bands.
 To Stage Technician for Various "A" String Artists (CLIENT LIST). 
Scoring Documentaries, Film , Laser Light Shows, Multi-Media Games.
Recording/F.O.H./Monitor Engineer, Keyboard/Drum Technician.
From his work in the City of Miami's Infamous "Studio City Area" as General Manager of
Musicians Studio Rentals (M.S.R.) {Backline, Rehearsal Facilities} Servicing The Premier Recording Facilities in Miami; Criteria, Quadradial , Studio Center, and other South Florida Studios.
Suppling BackLIne Gear to Concert Stages; Miami Jai Lai Fronton, Miami Baseball Arena, Hollywood Sportatorium & more.

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Music For You Film

                                  LaserDog Music Docs is the place for
Documentary Filmmakers to join us in Creating the Music for their projects.
                       Below is "Angels of Nine Eleven" 
               Dedicated To All 1st Responders Around The Globe.  
            a SlideShow featuring the Music of JayBushMusic.   
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Special Event Management


LaserDog Enterprises has been the Premiere Special Event Management Company for their more than 4+ decades of bringing you the "Quality & Confidence" you expect in a Special Event.
Working with Cities across America, Art Fairs, Concerts, Outdoor Concerts.

Experience the Highest Quality Multi Colour Laser Light Shows, Street Festivals and Music Concerts as Laserdog Enterprises has brought to you for close to half a Century.
The Best in Music, Food, and Security so you, your family and friends may enjoy the Memories of the fun-filled days in your favourite Cities Street, Food, Music Festival Filled With Entertainment.
  1. Pat Travers Band                                            Criteria Recording Studios, Nth. Miami. Fla.
  2. The Bee Gees                                                   Bayshore Recording Studio, Coconut Grave, Fla.
  3. Ted Nugent                                                      Quadradial Studio, Nth. Miami, Fla.
  4. Bobby Caldwell                                               Miami Baseball Stadium, Miami, Fla.
  5. Aretha Franklin                                               The LIMELIGHT DISCO Hallandale, Fla.
  6. Doobie Brothers                                             Roosterbark Studio, Nth. Miami. Fla.
  7. AC/DC                                                              Gusman Theatre, Downtown, Miami
  8. UFO                                                                   Sunrise Musical Theatre, Fort Lauderdale. Fla.
  9. Mel Brooks & Ms. Anne Bancroft                Tampa Jam, Tampa, Fla.
  10. Maria Carie
  11. Tommy Matola
  12. The Eagles
  13. Joe walsh
  14. Leslie West
  15. Felix Pappalardi
  16. And The List Goes On...
  • Douglasville, GA, United States
  • Hours; 12:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M.

A 33 Lesson Course in the Classic Forms of Poetry. Including Free-Form/Contemporary. Each week a New Form will be introduced. 1st Lesson Free - Individual/Private Weekly GOOGLE CHAT/ZOOM/FB-Messenger Classes with Individual Lessons available (Additional Fee). "The Path To Creative Writing" was conceived, written, taught to by the Late; Vivian Laramore-Rader the 1st Poet Laureate of Florida from 1931. Even after her passing in 1975 she remained Poet Laureate until 1980. Her #1 Student and Life-Long Friend Frank S. FitzGerald-Bush continued her legacy of teachings as well as the "Laramore-Rader Poetry Group". This 33 Lesson Course takes you through the Classic Formats of Poetry as well as a lesson on Contemporary a.k.a. "Free-Form". And the form of her creation, "Quatern" a variation of the "Kyrielle" Form. View the brief video in the "Gallery Page" explaining the course and it's syllabus.

The Course includes

1 Sections

2 Lessons

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